A running announcement

You may have seen over on my Instagram that I made a little announcement recently, in case you missed it

I am incredibly proud to announce that I am the Running Mayor for Barnsley!

Selfie in front of M1 sign

As part of my role as Running Mayor I would like to:

1. Look at off road routes, like footpaths and work on how we can make these more accessible. Can we link these footpaths together? Can we map footpaths to give opportunities for more people to increase their activity levels? How can we make them safer?

2. Encourage people to park further away or try alternative modes of transport such as cycle or walk

3. Work with local partners and running clubs to promote the mental health benefits of running.

Feet running through water

As a group the Running Mayor network aim to inspire people within their communities to be more active and we act as ambassadors for the Runsome campaign. The Runsome campaign aims to encourage those everyday journeys, errands or commutes to be run/walked rather than driven. I aim to do as many of my journeys on foot as I can. I am currently injured so unable to run them but I still walk them where ever I can.

I am really looking forward to the Running Mayor opportunity and to be part of the Runsome campaign. 

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