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Shielding has ended and the world has begun to open up slowly, which means my son now no longer has to stay in and can venture back into the world again. I have been doing things very slowly with him but trying to explain calmly to a just turned 5 year old not to touch everything and keep his hands clean is very difficult. 

I want him to not think that anything is different, I don't want him worrying about the outside world but at the same time I want to keep him as safe as I can. To be fair to him he is quite good with using hand gels but I do often get screams of it's too sticky!

Canal toys create some great activity toys, and so when they got in touch to ask if we wanted to try their Anti-bacterial slime I knew it would be something all three of my children would enjoy. All three of my children [ages 10, 8 and 5] love slime and are always asking for more.

Hand with two pots of slime

My 8 year old decided to test out the slime initially before working out which pot she was going to share with her siblings and which she was keeping for herself. She settled for the red one. First test was a smell, she decided there was a little smell similar to had gel but nothing strong. She then got to playing, and was surprised it wasn't too sticky or slimy and that she could stretch and see through it.

In fact she was incredibly impressed at how super stretchy it is. She loved playing and stretching it and moving it across her hands. All the time she was playing the anti bacterial properties in the slime were helping to keep her hands clean. The slime is alcohol free and holds its anti bacterial properties for a month.

Stretching red slime

What I have noticed as we start to venture out more, is that the hand gel tends to be high up. This makes it suitable  for adult use but less convenient for children, particularly my 5 year old. The anti bacterial slime comes in light weight, small pots which means it is super easy to put in your pocket or bag and carry with you. I can say with confidence that I can always get my 5 year old to play with slime but cannot always get him to use the hand gel.

The anti bacterial slime kills 99.9% of bacteria and is the first product of it's kind. Given how child friendly it is and convenient to carry I can see it accompanying us more as we start venturing out more. 

Anti bacterial slime can be purchased from Smyths Toys and Amazon and is available in single pack RRP £2.99 or 4 pack RRP £9.99 

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