Lotherton Christmas Experience 2021 - [AD]

 We were kindly gifted our tickets to the experience, all words expressed are my true honest opinion

We were incredibly grateful to be invited to the Lotherton Christmas Experience this year, last year we unfortunately could not attend due to COVID. We immediately knew things had changed from previous years as when we pulled into the car park we were no longer provided with tokens and we parked sin a different spot. The excitement in the car grew. The older girls knowing were we where and my son knowing Father Christmas was somewhere near by. After wrapping up warm we braved the cold wind and ventured into Lotherton.

The Twinkling lights guided us to the hall as with previous years, and we were greeted warmly outside the hall. We looked round the market stalls situated in front of the hall. Amazed by the creativity of some of the stall holders and stocking up on last minute gifts for Christmas. The girls persuaded me into buying quite a lot of cheese, but in their defense it was rather delicious. Now carrying a bag full of cheese. We headed for the festive hot chocolates before locating Father Christmas

Standing round Christmas tree

Now feeling warmer we headed into the grounds to find Father Christmas. We spotted two elves and decided to follow those, they lead us into the winter wonderland and the wishing tree. The children all stopped to make wishes

Our journey continued through the winter wonderland. We found more elves, the posting room and we even found some elves who helped us make some reindeer food. 

The magic continued through the forest until at last we found a cabin. The elves greeted us outside and took us in. Father Christmas was waiting for us inside. He spoke about kindness and the importance of looking after each other. He asked the children what they thought others might like for Christmas, which really got them thinking and it was nice to hear them talk about what they thought I might like for Christmas. In case you want to know they said sleep and for us to stop arguing. 

Children with Father Christmas

The children were now buzzing with excitement again, but the wintry weather was starting to pick up so to warm ourselves up we headed into the Hall for a look at the Christmas displays. The tree in the hall is always stunning, and the hand made decorations by children from local schools was worth a look, some very creative children.

Now feeling warmer we went in search of Mrs Claus. She was in the kitchen baking gingerbread and asked if the children wanted to help. The most certainly did.

Mrs Claus and children

I think this was one of my favourite activities of the evening. Such a nice addition to Lotherton and something the children will remember doing. We always finish our Christmas Experience with a walk, this year the Christmas walk was slightly different as it was no longer the 12 days of Christmas. The girls in particular were very familiar with this and kept pointing out where things used to be. They loved the changes, but did miss the 5 golden rings to run through.

giant advent calendar

Whilst we have been for many years this year felt extra special. Maybe it was due to missing last year with COVID or perhaps it was all the wonderful new additions and subtle changes. Either way the children all had a magical Christmas Experience.

Thank you to Lotherton Hall for inviting us, for more information please visit the dedicated Christmas Experience page

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