National Running Show 2023

The National running show in Birmingham is something I look forward to every year. A little different for me this year as my eldest and running show sidekick was unfortunately not at the show with me. I missed her, although it also meant I spent far less than usual!

The show was bigger and better than last year and each year it seems to grow on its previous success. I had nothing specific in mind that I needed to purchase and instead took the opportunity to say hello to friends and learn more about my running. Starting with a gait analysis. 

There are so many opportunities at the show, from learning CPR to listening to amazing selection of guest speakers.

I spent some time on the Running Mayor stand were it was great to meet fellow mayors and have a chat to the running community about how wonderful the Running Mayors are.

Two days seem to fly by and when I got home I realised all I had purchased was cake and flapjack!

It was an amazing weekend finished with the best flapjacks and meeting some amazing people. I cannot wait to do it all again next year!

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