February Half Term 2023

 Our tickets for Lotherton Hall and Leeds Industrial Museum were provided in exchange for coverage. All words are my own honest opinion. Any other items mentioned I fully paid for. No other exchange of goods or payment has occurred.

February half term seems to have gone in a blink and preparations now seem to be underway for Easter. The supermarkets certainly seem to think so with the number of chocolate goodies on the shelves. Our half term was one packed full of adventures.

We started our adventures with a trip to Stockton. We had never been before, but there was a surprise waiting for the kids that I knew they would not want to miss. Six! My children absolutely love the songs and I had bought them tickets to see the show for Christmas. They were super excited and I think it is fair to say the show lived up to their expectations.

In fact they loved it so much they asked when we could go and watch the show again! It is the second time I have seen it and I loved it as much this time around. 3 of the Queens were the same but 3 new ones gave it a slightly different feel. Still amazing to see.

The excitement continued. After a day at home due to the fact I had work, we ventured out to visit Leeds Industrial Museum and Grandma came with us. The museum had a trail to complete and Little Man was straight in there.

He ran around the museum hunting for clues, wanting to complete the trail before his sisters did. He was super pleased with himself for reading the clues and writing down the answers. 

Although we have visited the museum before each time we go something new seems to catch our attention and there are always new exhibits to see

I thought the kids would have liked to have done the printing activity that was taking place or even watched a film in the cinema on the site, instead it would appear Little Man had other plans. He had to complete the trail!

I love how involved he got with reading the clues and finding them. Grandma even took part alongside him.

The views from the museum are amazing and I love spending time looking out over the canal. I had to get the children to stand in front just so I could take a photo.

This knitted piece was also something I could have looked at for hours. It really caught my attention as there are so many elements involved.

With the trail now complete and all clues found, we decided to make the most of our day and the nice weather with a walk up the canal. 

Our next adventure saw us visit Lotherton Hall. One of our favourite places to visit especially at Christmas. At Christmas we don't usually have time to visit the penguins so we always make sure we stop there first to say hello.

It was near to Valentines when we visited so Lotherton Hall had a Love Birds trail and you could certainly feel the love in the air. 

The main house showed the family of Lotherton Hall, the love story if you like.

Whilst in the house we looked for all the love birds hiding in various places. It was so different without all the Christmas trees. The children loved exploring all the different rooms and looking for the birds.

Once we had finished exploring the house we ventured back outside to visit the other birds of Lotherton Hall, and of course we completed the Love Bird trail whilst we were there.

We had a fabulous day out even ending the day with some flamingo posing!

Our half term has been full of adventures and memory making and I am looking forward to Easter for some more of the same!

Thank you to Leeds City Council for some great ways to keep the children entertained over the school holidays.

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