Autumn walks

Today I took the girls and our dog for a walk around a local lake.  Little sister, 5 months, usually protests at the pushchair but today she enjoyed watching the leaves fall from the trees around the lake and eventually she fell asleep, a very rare thing! 

Big sister, she's 2, enjoyed running in the leaves and splashing in the puddles.  We even pretended to feed the ducks.  She was really good and held the pushchair whenever I asked.  There is usually an ice cream van so she was looking for the lolly bus as she calls them, but he was no where to be seen.  I showed her the conkers that had fallen, or the spiky nuts as she now refers to them, and we played a guessing game as to if the squirrel had taken the nut or not.

As an even bigger surprise our dog, who normally barks at everything, walked calmly by the side of the pram.  The weather even held.

This day I love autumn walks with the girls and our dog.

Autumn walk

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