The girls and I spent the afternoon at Cannon Hall Farm.  I love living so close to Cannon Hall Farm as there is so much to do there and my eldest loves it.  As we walk round she signs the animals and does the different animal noises.  We saw a whole variety today:

pigcow shed


horseguinea pig

She is more than happy to stand and watch from a distance but if they move she gets very scared.  I am trying to help her with this and today she actually stroked a rabbit, I was very proud of her.


As you can see she looked really proud of herself for doing so.  Cannon Hall Farm also has a variety of playgrounds but as it was getting late and kept raining we opted for one of the indoor activities of colouring:


My eldest has one request when we go to the farm and that's to see the pigs.  On our way out we therefore always stop off to see the pigs.  There had been some new additions and my daughter just wanted to stay with them.


I always love watching how happy she is when she watches animals and I love taking her to the farm.

This day I love Animals.

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