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My daughter often asks me when we are getting ready to go out, why we don't put shoes on her sister. She seems rather confused that everyone else wears shoes except baby. I tell her its because she cant walk but the real reason is that I worry about shoes on such soft delicate feet. I have struggled to find anything with soft soles that allow for growth and flexibility and that allow her feet to breathe.

When I heard about Bobux shoes I was eager to try them. Bobux shoes are recognised by the American Podiatric Medical Association as contributing to better foot health for children. Their philosophy is that 'barefoot is best', something I also believe. So when I was kindly sent a pair of pink flower Bobux shoes to review, I was excited to find out if they could live up to their claims that they are designed to mimic the comfort and healthy benefits of barefoot freedom. I was not disappointed.

bobux in boxbibux shoe

The shoes I received are part of their Soft soles [baby] range and they are so very soft. They have a non-slip suede sole and thanks to the elasticated ankle goes on just like socks but stay in place even with the most wriggly of baby which mine is. The shoe itself is made from a soft, breathable leather, which you can smell when you open the box. Everything about the shoe suggests comfort and have clearly been designed with babies in mind, even having the image design on the shoe face baby so the images are not upside down to them.

bobux sitBobux open pleaseMy daughter, at 6 months, was very excited to open the shoes, I can see this becoming an expensive shoe habit as she grows older, and she was ever so happy to have them on her feet. 

bobux open She had no trouble with moving her feet and I could feel that there was plenty of room for her toes allowing her to move her feet naturally. She managed to use her baby walker whilst in them and do her 'caterpillar' crawl.

bobux crawlNow when my eldest asks where are babies shoes when we are going out for a walk I can finally say here they are.

Bobux shoes are available to purchase here: and are also available in Step Up [first walker shoes] and i-Walk [ pre school].

bobux happy

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  1. they look lush!, i wish i had had some of these while Joshua was so little!

    1. They really are, I cant describe how wonderful they are. I was really impressed. They make them for bigger children too. have you had a look at the site?

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