Lolly Bus

Just before my daughter turned 2 during one of our walks with the dog, she saw an ice cream van and said 'Mummy Lolly Bus' as it had a big picture of a lolly on it she assumed that's what it was.  Actually preferring the term Lolly Bus to ice cream van, more because my daughter made it up, the name has stuck.  Unfortunately its also stuck in her memory that at the end of this walk there is a Lolly Bus.

So although it might be autumn and our walk looked like this:

autumn walk

All my daughter wanted to do was get to the Lolly bus and have her lolly.  We had a lovely walk with one of my closest friends and her children and even managed to squeeze in feeding the ducks

feeding duck

But the best part of the day by far was my daughter and her ice cream from the Lolly Bus

eating ice cream

This day I love Lolly Bus.

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  1. I prefer the name your daughter mad up too lolly bus is a great name!

  2. I love that name...we may well have to adopt it for all ice cream vans too :-)

    1. Please do! We love it too and I think it should be a new name we introduce


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