Whenever possible I like to take my children out and about to discover new things.  This is not always practical or possible but I do try.  Today there was an event on at a local nature reserve 'old moor' called batty about bats.  I have always been interested in bats ever since I can remember and so I really wanted to go.

The activity was well organised and there was plenty to do.  I had my 5 year old nephew and both my girls with me.  My nephew and daughter coloured in a bat and made bat finger puppets.  They both sat and listened to the power point presentation on bats very closely.  When my husband came home and asked our daughter if bats have wings, she replied ' no daddy, that's the bats fingers and hands'.  

The best part for me was getting to see the bats.  The bats we saw were orphaned and only 5 months old.  My daughter, who is normally cautious of creatures, really loved the bat and wanted to hold it.  I had to explain that you can't hold bats.  Just before bed I asked her what he wanted to do tomorrow and she asked to see the bats again, she hasn't stopped talking about them

This day I love bats.

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