Christmas Cards

My eldest is very creative and loves to make things.  I thought this year it would be great for us to make some items for Christmas.  The first of which are the Christmas cards.  So if you are a family member reading this and do not want to spoil what your card looks like I recommend reading after you receive your card!

So here is what you need to make the cards we did today:

A4 card coloured - we went for green but the colour choice is yours
Paint - again your choice of colour but we use jumbo paint pads

What to do:

1. Fold card in half.  I placed my daughters hands on the card to asses if the image would look better portrait or landscape and decided upon landscape, this may vary dependant upon age of child and size of hand

2. The angels dress is one hand print placed with fingers to the larger opening, if using landscape.  The advantage of using a jumbo paint pad is that you simply press hand onto pad and then straight onto card, its very easy and clean to use.  Hand can then be cleaned with water or a baby wipe.

3.  The wings are made using a separate colour we went for silver to stand out and are made by pressing a hand print onto either side of the dress print.

4. The head is made by painting a circle onto the dress.  

5. Add eyes, a smile and a halo.  If you feel really creative add hair.

That's it finished! So simple my two year old made all these:

This day I love Christmas cards.

We have entered this card into a competition run by moneysupermarket.  For further details and to see the other amazing entries please click here.

Tots100 Experience Days Competition

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  1. Awww what wonderful wonderful cards, they will bring a smile to all recipients :0)

  2. Ooh, lovely. I may be using this idea or a variation of it for my Christmas project! Currently a lot of my ideas will probably be ok for my Kinder girl but a not so much for my 2 year old so this is perfect! Lovely!

    1. Glad I could help. Let me know how you get on. They are a lot of fun to do

  3. they look great, i am so not creative i wish i was!

  4. A super idea for little ones. Congratulations on the win :-)


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