I realised today why I started my blog.  My youngest would not settle until 2 am and then woke every 30 mins until 7 am, she was then up and refused point blank to nap all day.  Needless to say a very cranky 6 month old.  My eldest had an unsettled night also and kept waking up for the toilet.  She woke up fully at 6 am and also had no nap, but this is not unusual for her.  Our household today was therefore tired and cranky.

My eldest decided all she wanted to do today was go outside for a walk, however I had to wait in for a parcel.  Trying to explain this to a 2 year old is a little hard work.  I compromised with her and we did some painting and sticking.  She is very much into animals at the moment and when I asked her what she wanted to paint she said hedgehog.  I got my creative hat on and this is what we made:


We used glitter glue for the sky and stuck lots of stars all over.  We collected leaves from outside to make the grass at the bottom and she really enjoyed helping to stick them on.  Her favourite part by far was making the hedgehog itself.  I used her footprint to make the body followed by several hand prints around it for the spikes of the body.  I know I'm not the best artist in the world and the photo doesn't really do the picture a huge amount of justice but I'm very proud of what we achieved together.  

I found that although feeling tired I can still always do something to make my daughter smile.  My daughter helped to find some leaves and helped me to find my creative side.  Finally thanks to starting this blog I found that I can turn what could have been a tired and cranky day all round into a fun and entertaining day for my girls.

This day I love finding. 

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  1. Through your writing I could feel the tiredness but I could also feel the love that you obviously have for your children and if I can feel it up here in Scotland, I'm sure your kids will always have that with them. Uplifting read and blog, I look forward to reading more :) Have a great day.

  2. Thank you that's very kind of you to say. I hope you have a great day too.


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