Flowers and Chocolates

The girls spent the day with Grandma today doing some baking and generally having a lot of fun, as I have heard.  My husband and I had therefore planned to spend some quality time together, as it has been rather a while since we went out just the two of us.

Unfortunately for us our day of lunch out, cinema and chill [I catch up on sleep, he plays computer games] did not quite happen due to a series of unfortunate events.  As I would rather forget that these happened lets just say we ended up with a fish and chip lunch which was very yummy, watched a bit of tv together and then the girls returned.  

Although our day did not go to plan it was still nice just to spend a little bit of time together and what made it extra special was the flowers and chocolates from my husband.  The chocolates have now all gone but the flowers are still making me smile.

This day I love flowers and chocolates


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