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Dentyl is a brand that many of us are familiar with. It is an alcohol free mouth wash that you shake to mix the two parts together, and once rinsed out you can see the result highlighted in the sink. Dentyl have launched a new alcohol free Active Enamel Restore in icy fresh mint flavour and very kindly sent me a sample to try.

When purchasing a mouthwash I always try to find alcohol free as I have often found those with alcohol tend to leave a stinging sensation in my mouth after use. As Dentyl does not contain alcohol, thanks to its unique two-phase action, I found that there was no stinging after use and just a pleasant feeling of freshness. A little like you have eaten a very nice mint.

As Dentyl is alcohol free it means that it can be used in children over the age of 7. The Dentyl Active Enamel Restore mouthwash can therefore be used to help protect teeth from Enamel decay, which is on an increase by 16% in the age of 8 to 12 years and has risen by 13% in adults in the last 5 years.*

Dentyl mouthwash
Dentyl Active Enamel Restore can:

  • Help strengthen tooth enamel by replacing lost minerals*
  • Help protect enamel from acid erosion*
  • Help enamel become more resistant to acid attack.*

I used Dentyl as recommended twice a day and found that it fitted into my normal morning routine. I liked been able to see the mouthwash working as it removed any bacteria and debris, I found this some what reassuring. As it is suitable from age 7 upwards it will be a great part of any families routine.

* All information taken from Dentyl_Active_Enamel_Restore_Press_Release : published 07/11/12

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  1. I've been using mouth wash ever since I got my braces. They said that it's good for my enamel. Thanks.


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