Review : NuffnangX

Have you heard about Social Blog stalking? In fact the Social blog stalking app? No? Well read on...

NuffnangX is, in their own words, a Social blog stalking app. It allows users to receive updates on their mobiles and tablets as they happen from their favourite blogs.

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The app its self is very easy to use. Sign up is free and its free to download. Once installed and logged in, if you own a blog you can claim that blog as your own. Its very easy to do simply select claim your blog in the drop down list under your log in name. Once claimed you can customise your own NuffnangX blog profile, engage in conversations and keep up to date with NuffnangX developments.

You can find blogs you follow in the search box by either using full URL or section of their name. I have had a couple of problems with the search box. I tried to find my friends blog, I could not remember the URL and forgot about the word the, so typed in oliversmadhouse and it said no results found. I then typed theoliversmadhouse and it found the link. You need to therefore search for the whole blog name or URL and it must be exact else it cannot find blogs. Once found select Follow. This adds the blog into your following feed. Now whenever posts occur they will show up on your mobile or tablet device in your feed. Great for keeping up to date with all the blogs you follow in one place even when out and about.

main feed nuffnangx

As a new blogger I find this great because I can keep on track with the latest blog posts from those I have started to follow, I can easily add to the list of blogs I am following and my email inbox is not filling up. I can read posts whilst out on my mobile quickly as they are all in one place.

Another great feature I like is the recommended section. NuffnangX recommends blogs based on certain categories I.e. Parenting, Geek, Gaming, film and tv and provides a selection of blogs from around the world. You see a quick screen shot and a brief description of the blog and are able to choose if you want to follow it or look further at it via its link.

recommended nuffnangx

A further handy feature is the conversations section. This is like leaving an email for the blog owner, so if I liked a post I could start a NuffnangX conversation. If the blog has Conversations integrated then these will be posted onto the blog itself, like leaving comments in the conventional way. The advantage is that is can be done from a mobile device, which was previously quite tricky to do. The aim behind conversations is as it would suggest is to create better conversations between blog and reader.

I tried to integrate conversations into thisdayilove, however when I did so all previous blog posts disappeared, not great. NuffnangX assures me this should not happen and previous posts should remain. I have reported it and the development team are great constantly wanting to improve the app and its functionality.

So although this app is still in its infancy and has a few teething bugs I believe its worthwhile signing up for now. The development team are great and friendly to approach with any issues. Its free to download and join and it provides convenience to keep on track with the blogs you follow, or if you like social stalking!

[I am still adding blogs into follow list, so if you don't see yours there I am sorry I have not forgotten I will be adding you shortly]

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  1. with only just getting my head round twitter i had heard of this but have been putting it off!

    I will have to now give it go and anything that is simple to use has to be worth a try :-)


    1. I find it easy to use and a great way to follow other blogs as all in on place. Let me know how you get on


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