My eldest daughter has often asked to go to Grandmas house, or to visit her cousins but recently she has started to ask for a friend of mines son, who is the same age as her.  She asks to go and play with him, or if we go out she asks if he is going to be there and sometimes when I ask her what she wants to do her reply is to go and see him.  I find this rather sweet and it got me thinking that perhaps at 2 years old she is starting to make friends.

I think it is more than she can say his name because she sees and plays with many children at nursery and when asked about her day she will say who she has played with, but so far has not asked for them.  I can see the excitement in her eyes and her rush to get dressed if I say we are going to see them, its a similar excitement to if we are going to see a family member.  It must be a friendship or as close to at 2.

I would love for her as she grows up to keep this friendship going, as watching the two of them develop and learn from each other is amazing.  They even gave each other a hug today.  I really think its the start of a beautiful friendship between them

This day I love friends


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