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I have been sat for some time trying to work out what to write for my review of Bits of Cargill by Michael Cargill.  I am not sure why I am finding it so hard to write, so I thought I would perhaps explore why this is.

Is it because the book is not funny? The book made me laugh quite a lot on most of the stories.  Some of the stories I did not find as funny as others.  I think that's the thing with humour though what one person likes does not appeal to others.  There therefore would be at least one story that any reader would find funny.

Is it because the book is not well written? The book is very descriptive and each story comes alive.  You get a real sense for each character.  Stories in which a character has a regional dialect are written with that dialect.  It is very easy to picture each character and become involved with that story.

Did the book cause offence or upset you in some way?No, although there is political and religious reference that may cause offence to some.  I guess that's true with most things these days 

Would you recommend this book? I would recommend this to friends with a similar sense of humour to mine.  I perhaps would not to my close family simply because the book has a few swear words and I am still embarrassed by swear words in front of close family.

I think the reason I am finding this so hard to write is that because its a collection of short stories I could not 'get into' the book as you would with a novel.  I enjoy sitting in bed under duvet and get lost in a novel and I could not really do that with this book.  As a collection of short stories its a great book and if you want to pick and choose and have a quick read of a story than this book really works.

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Bits of Cargill

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  1. Thanks for the review, Leyla!

    I'd agree that it's probably quite hard to write about this particular book, I think most people have said the same.

    1. I really struggled for a long time, as I enjoyed the book but could not work out how to write the review.

  2. This sound right up my hubby's street, he likes the idea of a novel but just cant get into them, then looses the plot so has to keep starting again!


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