baking cakes

Both girls are still poorly.  My youngest was unable to sleep last night and wanted to be held for most of the night.  I don't mind because I know one day she won't want a Mummy cuddle at night, so I make the most of the precious time whilst they are small.  

She has wanted to be held for most of the day too, so I know she is unwell as she does not want to go explore.  I got them both wrapped up warm again and took them for a walk hoping that might help and that they could nap.  Unfortunately, this time it did not work.  So I came home and thought of other games to play.

We played row row your boat.  My daughters sit in my washing basket, as if it were a boat, as we have wooden floors the basket is very easy to push and the girls love pretending to be in a boat as we sing row row row your boat.  I put toys in the room too that we go look for, our favourite is the crocodile.

row row

The afternoon we spent baking cakes.  Its a favourite thing for my eldest to do and so I knew it would take her mind away from her spots.

testingmaking cake

My youngest wanted to help too and she decided that she wanted to lick the spoon

lick spoon

 I am hoping tomorrow they start to feel better as I really would like to take then out whilst the weather is dry.

This day I love baking cakes

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  1. Aw I hope they feel better today. You are so good with them though, I don't know where you find your energy! X

    1. Went to Dr today with her, youngest I think feeling better but still not sleeping. Energy comes from lots of cakes, also reason for mummy tummy!

  2. Great idea with the cake baking. Those sick times can be rough..

    Thanks for following The Thriftiness Miss too.. Following you back now. Have a lovely day!

    1. Thanks for following back. Yeah i hate it when they are sick because we love to play outside and go places


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