Cream, Cuddles and Kisses

The girls are no better today, my eldest in fact has got worse.  I spoke to the Dr and they can do nothing more than I am doing already so its plenty of cream, cuddles and kisses to help make her feel better.  My youngest is feeling brighter, but she has moments that I can tell she is not well. I think the younger they are the more they seem to just get on with it.

cream face

We have had a chill day today at home, to try and let the girls relax a little.  We have spent our day cuddling on the sofa or on my bed watching DVDs.  When the girls had a little bit of energy and wanted to play we would play with their toys and look through books.  It did not last long though.  

making dinnerfishing game

My eldest even asked to go for a sleep this afternoon and that never happens.  

afternoon nap

Each took it in turns for a nap, which was nice because then I got some one on one time with each of my daughters.  I got about 20 minutes when they both were asleep at the same time and got a few chores done in this time.

I do love to have cuddles and kisses with my girls, I am hoping that they feel better soon.

This day I love cream, cuddles and kisses.

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  1. cuddles and kisses cure all evils except headline

  2. so sorry your cuties are not feeling the best. we're all snuggled in with the sniffles today and except that it all seems to go on too long, it is sort of a nice excuse to curl up with each other.

    following ya now from the gfc link up. I'd so love to have you join me for the ride at Local Sugar Hawaii . It'd be so sweet to journey with you in the days ahead...


    1. Am following back

      Thats the only good thing about them ill, lots of cuddles

  3. big hugs! i hope the girls get better soon. Even covered in cream they are cuties!

    1. I had a really gorgeous photo of her with cream all over but unfortunately not appropriate for internet.


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