Review : Domino's Movie night in

Many of us partake in a Meal planning Monday of sorts.  I know I often plan my week ahead of the dinners I will be doing to make sure I have the necessary ingredients in at home.  Every now and again I like to have a treat, which usually consists of a takeaway.  Last week we treated ourselves to a Dominos pizza.

Dominos Pizza currently have an offer of a Large Pizza, which you can choose from the range on their Pizza menu, a Garlic bread pizza, Potato Wedges and a movie rental [worth £3.49 and lasts for 48 hours], all for £19.99.  This makes for the perfect family night in.  There is a good selection of movies to choose from and some suitable for children including Postman Pat.

What is particularly nice about the ordering process for Dominos is that the calories per slice for each pizza is clearly displayed.  This means that even those who are sticking to New Years Resolutions or for those on a diet, the calorie intake can be managed and so are still able to enjoy a Pizza.  I was able to order and pay on line which is a great bonus with two little kids around, I could even specify what time I wanted it to be ready for.

film and pizza

We could watch on line the status of our order.  Telling us when it was prepared and when it went in the oven.  This gave us a real time update and enabled us to judge when to set off to pick the Pizza up.  Unfortunately our local Dominos does not deliver to us.

We had a lovely evening sat in watching our film all together and eating our Pizza.  


For desert we even shared a tub of ice cream!  It really was a lovely treat and a great night in together.  Why not plan your family night in with Dominos?

sharing ice cream

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  1. I haven't had a Dominoes in absolutely years! I remember I loved their wedges and dipping sauces though.

  2. Our Dominos was rubbish last night. Was late. Order status delivered yet it wasnt delivered. It was cold and no where near standard. Its was great for my diet though...chucked mine in the bin. I shall choose different pizza takeaway next time...or better still make my own. Glad yours was better. My husband has complained as 28 pounds we wasted.

    1. Sorry yours was rubbish, ours was really nice and the girls really enjoyed it. Was a nice treat. I do usually make our own but this made a nice change

  3. My partner and I had take away pizza last night, not Dominoes just the local place. The have a great offer where you buy one pizza and get one of equal or lesser value free, who can resist that? Certainly not me, I'm a mad pizza lover.
    Angela x


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