Geese and lots of questions

One of the lovely things about where we live is that around the corner are allotments and paddocks.  On the allotments a lot of people keep different animals.  My favourite is the goat, he is a real cheeky character and very friendly for a goat.  

I took the girls for a walk to have a look at some of the animals in the allotment.  Many of them stayed inside their sheds as I think it was a little cold for them with the snow.  Three geese however had other ideas and not only came up to the fence but kept putting there heads through and hissing to tell us to stay away.  They were rather amusing as they all did it in sync, my daughter found it funny but knew to stay back.

looking at yougeese

After a lovely walk we came home and my daughter started to throw snowballs for the dog.  It is rather funny watching him hunt in the snow for the snowball.  He looks up confused with an expression of I know you threw that ball here but I just cannot find it.

They had lots of fun playing together in the snow.

I figured with all this outside activity that the girls would be tired.  Bedtime came and my youngest went to sleep at 7.30 pm like she always does, my eldest however decided against sleep and asked several questions including:

'I need a wee'
'I need cake' - this had to be my favourite
'I need my glasses'
'I need Grandma / Grandaddy / Daddy / J / Milo'
'I want a moo cow'
'I want to make cake'
'I need chocolate'
'Where is the sun?'
'Where is my sister?'
'Why is my sister sleeping?'
'I want to watch Pinocchio'
'I want to watch fish' 
'Where is Mike?' [she means Mike from Monsters inc]
'Lets go shopping'

Some great techniques for not going to sleep.  She has rather a good imagination and some great questions came out.  All the time I am trying either not to laugh and not to engage in conversation so that she goes to sleep.  At 12.30 she finally went and her sister promptly woke up until 3.30, a rather fun night!

This day I love geese and lots of questions.  

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  1. What a cute post. I hope you all sleep better tonight!

  2. wow, kids can really keep you up alright. Stopping by from Let's Get Social. Following you on GFC and FB now :)

    1. They can I do not know where they get all their energy from


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