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My Creation is a new service from inter flora.  I found the service really simply and easy to use.  Flowers are dragged by stem and placed into the on line vase.  Flowers are categorised by name, meaning or colour.  So if you wanted to create a bouquet for Valentines, for example, you could choose the category love.

In this category are all the flowers meaning love.  By clicking on the flower you are able to see the flower price and also notes about the flower.


Flowers are dragged into position in the vase, should you change your mind you can drag the flower to the recycle bin or press start again.  Once you have created your chosen bouquet you can choose to share it on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, or even email.  I have created a few onto my own Pinterest board.

You can add foliage or accessorise with different ribbons, or even choose a different vase shape.  Once happy with your design you simply press buy and are taken through a straight forward purchase process.  I chose to pay via pay pal but all other credit and debit cards are accepted.  I also opted to collect my flowers from the florist, the lovely Andrea at Fabulous Flowers,  but you can pay to have them delivered.

Here is the creation I have ordered :

flower creation

and here is the final creation from the florist:

My flowersFLowers

My creationcreated flowers

I am very please with the final creation.

So this Valentines day why not get creative and send your loved one a bespoke bouquet of flowers specially created by you just for them.

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  1. They are beautiful. Love the colours

  2. virtual floral arranging...pretty cool! and i must say you did a great job with your creation;) love how you are able to personalize the arrangement and i'm sure will be a big hit for valentines day.

  3. I had a play around with it a few weeks ago and it was great, but the funny thing was i ended up with a rogue piece of foliage when i thought it had gone in the 'bin' but i must have missed the bin. x

    1. Ah it was a little tricky some times to get them in the bin, it happened to me once or twice


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