Mike and Sulley, Mummies phone and Pipe Cleaners

My eldest daughter has a slight obsession with Monsters Inc.  We are currently on our second copy of the DVD as she has worn out the first.  She saw in the shops a packet of bun mix with Monsters Inc on the box.  Then came the prompt of Mummy I want Mike and Sulley cakes.

Today we made our Mike and Sulley cakes.  I am not one normally for pre mixed ingredients I like to experiment and make myself but on the odd occasion I do not mind.  So we got to work mixing the ingredients in a bowl

getting ready to make cakes

I normal crack the egg for her but today she wanted to try herself.  So I gave her an egg, brave move.   She squeezed it and nothing happened, she tapped it with a spoon and it cracked.  She was ever so pleased with herself.

cracking an egg

She mixed all the ingredients together and placed the mixture into the bun cases.  After the cakes had cooked and cooled down we set about icing them and sticking on our Monsters inc pictures.  When she got to the picture of Randall she said, 'Randall Naughty'.  

Randall naughty

I love that she made these cakes all by herself and that she recognised the characters from Monsters inc.

That afternoon I noticed her playing with my phone.  She had discovered the camera.  I scrolled through all the photos she took and this one I really love

A photo by a 2 year old

I just love that she managed to take a photo of herself and her sister with me in the background.

A crafty activity which I found on Pinterest occupied both girls for the rest of the day.  My eldest had some pipe cleaners in an activity pack.  Getting a little fed up of making snakes, worms and caterpillars I had looked for another activity to do and this is when I found this

pipe cleaner craftpipe cleaner fun

My eldest would pass the pipe-cleaners through the holes on the sieve to create patterns and then we would turn it over to pull the 'wriggly worms' which my youngest thought was rather fun.  I cannot believe how something so simple has kept both girls entertained for so long as we played this game for most of the afternoon.

This day I love Mike and Sulley, Mummies phone and Pipe cleaners

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  1. Ooh that is a great fun activity. Hours spent playing!!!

  2. My kids absolutely love Monsters inc - I must admit, I love it too! We have watched it hundreds of times. Ha ha. I will have to pick up these cakes. :o)


    1. Yes they are good fun when they recognise characters in baking

  3. New follower from the I love my post blog hop :) this is so cute and sounds like so much fun I dont have kids but my niece and nephew are my life I love playing games with them :)


  4. Lots of fun! Following from the Blog Hop! :)


  5. I found your site from the I Love my Post blog hop! I am now following you. It looks like your little one had a great time baking! I wish my baby was still young! She is almost 22 now!

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Cynthia at http://FeedingBig.com

  6. Awwww my daughter loves Monsters Inc too! New follower from the blog hop :) Mandy @ www.makemeupmandy.com

  7. Following from the I Love My Post blog hop.

    xo, Vita

  8. Aw so much fun! Visitng from the I love my post hop!

  9. Wow looks like great fun x

  10. she is just so sweet and cute!! lovely blog! found from blog hop, "live,laugh,love"..following!




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