Easter Beans on toast

As mentioned in Stars and Swirls , I like to try and be creative with the presentation of the girls food.  I did beans on toast for the girls for their lunch today, as it was requested by my eldest.  I thought I would try and make it a little Easter themed and so created a rabbit/bunny from the beans and the toast

Easter beans on toast

I used some pieces of Ham to attempt to make a face, but cheese would also work.  It worked because my eldest who normal eats very little ate it all up.

After our Easter beans on toast we spent some time singing songs and playing with some musical instruments. My youngest was very taken with a guitar

playing guitarguitar

We did make it out for a few hours in the garden where my eldest played with the last bits of the snow

playing snow

This day I love Easter Beans on toast.

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  1. The beans and toast looks great


  2. That's a great idea - think I might have to be a little bit more adventurous because the kids must love it! :)

    1. They seem to. She always eats more when I do things like this

  3. Easter beans on toast! What an awesome idea :-D

  4. I love this, I make food pictures for the girls. I would never have thought of doing an Easter bunny, I just might be stealing your idea for tomorrow


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