Easter egg hunt and the balloon bee

With my eldest daughter very much into pirates and pirate treasure she loved the idea of hunting for treasure. Off we went to Wentworth Castle.  The girls and I had been before at Christmas and we had such a fantastic time that I could not wait to take them back again, we were not disappointed.

My eldest was given a map which we had to follow to find the missing egg people.  Off we went 

Easter Bunny house

Our first clue was at Easter bunny house.  My eldest drew the answer and we continued on our way

egg person

We looked high and low for all the egg people


Some hid in bushes


 Each time we drew the answer


We saw some sheep and a lovely tree

old treesheep

My eldest and I even climbed up a tree


There were plenty of puddles to splash in and even a castle to explore


We completed our treasure hunt and handed in our answers.  My eldest was given a chocolate Easter egg and my youngest was given a flashing chicken

flashing duck

As we had just experienced hail, snow, blizzard snow, high winds, and rain we decided to stay in doors to warm up and do some of the craft activities

 Easter craft

 My eldest not so long ago had a balloon dog, sadly balloon dog came to an end due to the sharp teeth of a now 10 month old.  Today at the Easter activities a lady was making balloon animals.  I have to say I have never met a lady so talented at balloon modelling.  She made my eldest a balloon bee.  Balloon bee then came every where

balloon beebee snowbee 2bee 1

After all the craft, exploring and treasure hunt there was only one thing left to do, play at the park

way uphorse


down slide


eldest swingsand

youngest swing

 I have had such a lovely day with the girls and it was really lovely for the sun to come out in the afternoon.

Of course it would not be Easter without a glimpse of the Easter bunny

Easter bunny

This day I love Easter egg  hunt and the balloon bee

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  1. This look like a perfect day. You were busy, but I bet you had lots of fun.

  2. Looks like a special day and one with good memories for the future.

  3. Oh wow looks like they had an amazing time. Easter egg hunts are great - for all ages :) our little toddler loved his one we did in the garden this morning :)

    Laura x

  4. I never had that much fun in the three years I spent at Wentworth Castle training to be a teacher - more than fifty years ago! :)

  5. What a great day! The bee balloon is something I need to make for my neice--we used to call her Bee. Thanks for sharing this with us last week! Hope you join us again at Eco-Kids Tuesday!!


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