Easter Eggspress

My youngest could not believe her luck this morning chocolate for breakfast

my eggsEaster chocolate

The girls loved running round the house gathering the plastic eggs the Easter bunny had hidden.  They brought them all back

more eggsplastic eggs

Of course it would not be Easter without some Rabbit ears

youngest earseldest ears

My eldest loved Easter and so we went for a ride to say thank you to the Easter bunny.  We boarded the Easter Eggspress

Easter eggspress

Whilst on the train we managed to capture a family picture

family pic

The Easter bunny needed our help to find his carrots, so we looked and returned them to him.  As a thank you he gave us some chocolate.

carrot huntchocolate reward

We took part in the Egg and spoon race

egg n spoon race

My eldest wanted to say thank you to the Easter Bunny for her chocolate

thank you Easter bunny

I was very proud of her as she normally is shy around characters.  We had a little time to play with the indoor wooden trains before catching our train back

wooden trainplaying nice

Was a really lovely day.  I could not quite believe how much snow there was at Easter.

on trainhorse in fields

My eldest really enjoyed herself too

waving bye

This day I love Easter Eggspress

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  1. It looks like such a love day. I love the little bunny ears. It's mad we have snow at Easter isn't it?

  2. What a lovely day! Pics look fab and the kids look delighted:)

  3. It looks like u had a great day!! Can't believe the snow though! X

    1. My eldest asked when we arrived where h and j where

  4. What a lovely day out. We love trains too and en eggspress sounds extra special!

  5. Wow, I am loving the bunny ears. Not living the snow quite so much!

  6. What an amazing train ride! Thanks for linking to the outdoor play party.

  7. I'd forgotten about the egg and spoon races we had as kids, I think we need to include them in our Easter celebrations next year. Thanks for stopping by the Outdoor Play Party

    1. Im looking forward to next years egg and spoon race thing she will enjoy it more


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