Review : Facial wipes [waterwipes]

After reviewing Water wipes , I was kindly sent some facial water wipes to try.  I was very keen to try them as the wipes for the girls are great and I have always struggled to find a wipe which I find great to use.

Water wipes facial wipes contain the following ingredients:

Aqua, Maris sal, citrus Grandis seed extract

Each pack has 24 wipes.  The wipes are not very wet which I have experienced with some facial wipes in the past and do not have a chemically or perfumed smell.  I really like this as I am not keen on overpowering fragrance.  The size of the wipes are a little too large for my daily use, so I cut them in half.  This is great because they last a little longer.  I can also see that the size of the wipe would be great for removing make up, as you would need a lot less wipes.

When using them on my face, my skin felt fresh and clean.  I have used other wipes in the past which have left my skin feeling greasy.  The wipes did not cause any stinging and did not dry out my skin.

I am very impressed with these wipes, my skin feels lovely and clean.

water wipes

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  1. I'm currently using these and am impressed so far.

    Alex x


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