having fun

The girls have had a lot of fun today.  We stayed at home as it was raining and after several busy weeks and lack of sleep I needed a  rest day.  I decided I would attempt to tidy out my office ready for my return to work, the girls thought they would help me.  

on your backstarting small

coveredhaving fun

 They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was lovely to listen to them giggle with each other.  I now have shredded paper all over the house.

This day I love having fun.

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  1. So so cute, what a mess but must have been amazing fun!! :)

  2. I made that mistake once - never again - shredded paper gets everywhere!

  3. awwwh how sweet .. :D What a lovely idea !

  4. OMG, you are brave to allow them to make such a mess! What fun though! xx


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