twinkle twinkle

A family whom I have never met have not left my thoughts all day today.  They sadly lost their daughter at 9 months old.  I remember the day I read the post and could not stop crying.  Such sad news that no family should ever face.  

Today was her day to say goodbye and celebrate her life.  I had read the tweets from her Mum and knew that twinkle twinkle would be played at the funeral.  I could not be part of the twitter and blogging community during the day as I had sing and sign with the girls but wanted to send my love to the family.  I asked the teacher of our sing and sign class if we could sing twinkle twinkle and explained why.

All of the Mums wanted to join in and not one had ever heard of her before.  They all wanted to send their love and support to them at a difficult time.  This is one of the things I love about today, that in those dark times there are people out there who you have never met, but they will send you all the love and support in the world.  Through one small song we came together to show our love for the family at such a difficult time.


This day I love twinkle twinkle

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