Introducing my BritMums Live Sponsor

When I started blogging, I never fully imagined either how much I would enjoy it or how wonderful the blogging community would be.  I started on the 26th October 2012 and wanted to capture the precious moments.  Since that time thisdayilove has grown into so much more.  It is a way for me to stay focused and positive on a daily basis.  I make sure that the girls and I do something everyday even when we are poorly or tired from lack of sleep.  I have had comments and emails from others who say the blog has helped them to stay focused and positive.

Thisdayilove has helped me capture all those precious first, the first time my eldest said I love you and the first time my youngest saw snow.  There are loads more firsts to come, first steps, first day at school all will be recorded for the girls.

I would like to improve my blogging skills not only how to write better but also to take better photos.  As my daughters grow from babies into beautiful girls I want to capture the changes.  I would like to capture them playing together and those general cheeky moments that make me laugh ever so much, the precious memories.  I want to record these memories better too and learn how social media tools such as Pinterest can be best used to help me.

With great thanks to Yoomi, I will now be attending Britmums Live and will be able to grow thisdayilove and improve on those blogging skills to help me capture more precious Mummy moments. Yoomi is a premium easi-latch bottle, a travel warmer and a bedside warmer in one compact and stylish package, a 3 in 1 feeding system.  At the touch of a button, yoomi warms baby's milk to the natural temperature of breast milk in just 60 seconds.  

Yoomi is a product that I feel is a must have for any new parent.  It was an absolute life saver for me when my girls woke for night feeds.  It enabled me to combination feed as the girls were both fussy about the temperature of their milk.  Yoomi removed all this as the temperature was the same as breast milk.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Yoomi for sponsoring me for Britmums live.  


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