giant cookies and pie

I have now started my training for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge.  Yesterday I completed a 2 hour walk and today a 45 minute, both with children and dog.  I figure pushing the pushchair and walking a dog too has got to help with fitness.  

Today's walk was only through our local village but still its getting out in the fresh air.  We passed by the bakery and so I stopped to get the girls a cookie as they had been really well behaved.  My eldest quickly turned the cookie into crumbs as she pulled out each of the smarties on it, my youngest however spent ages working out how to get the smarties off

eat cookiesmarties

I loved the concentration she gave to each one, and that she ended up with a coloured nose from trying to remove the smarties

smartie nose

We had the tree surgeon out this afternoon as one of the trees has a large crack in it and we wanted to make it safe for the girls.  Last thing I want is a large branch falling on them.  My eldest sat and watched him work and would not move from her watching post


I had planned to do some craft with her but she wanted to stay and watch.  

This did mean that I could get dinner ready, my youngest seemed to love dinner we had pie.  I think her face says it all


It was in her hair, ears and all down her vest.  She had loads of fun!

This day I love giant cookies and pie

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  1. Awwww lovely, she looks sleepy in the middle - all that cookie eating is hard work! Xx

  2. Oh my what a cookie and pie state that is!

    1. I am still finding crumbs in the pushchair even after vacuum


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