Review : Karcher Steam cleaner

What can I say about the Karcher Steam cleaner.  I used the Karcher steam cleaner to clean the following:

- laminate floor
- wooden floor
- tile floor
- high chair
-shower cubicle
- girls toys
- floor foam tiles
- blinds
- radiators

It is really light weight and easy to use.  I have to admit I had to abandon reading the instruction manual because it confused me.  However I managed to figure it out and use the Karcher steam cleaner daily.  I love that there is a child lock switch and that there seems to be attachments for pretty much every aspect of cleaning, including curtains, fabrics, stripping wallpaper and cleaning kitchens.

Having a child who is crawling and is close to the floor a lot means I am constantly worrying about how clean the floor is.  My eldest also suffers from Eczema which is triggered by dust and add to this a dog who loves to dig in the garden, means I am constantly trying to clean the floors.  I do worry about the chemicals I have traditionally used to keep the floor clean.  Are the fumes safe for the girls? after how long from cleaning is it safe to touch?

steam cleaner

The Karcher steam cleaner is a family friendly alternative to traditional chemical cleaners.  I found that the steam cleaner made cleaning easier and cut through dirt with ease.  I also found it really easy to keep the high chair clean.  I have always struggled to keep the Venetian blinds clean too and could use the steam cleaner to clean those.  The great thing about the steam cleaner is that, the item cleaned is safe to use straight away, no chemicals and  Allergy UK independently tested the steam cleaners and concluded they remove the following:

- 99.99% of House dust mites ¹
- 99.83% of Cat allergens ¹
- 99.01% of Dog allergens ¹
- 99.37% of Pollen allergens ¹
- 100% of Fungal spores ¹

¹ Kärcher Steam Cleaner was tested according to Allergy UK protocol AUK-008SF 2011

I wanted to test that they would clean better than a traditional method, so I cleaned the floor in my daughters room using a mop.  The floor took longer to dry than with the steam cleaner which hardly leaves any moisture behind.  What was surprising is that the steam cleaner, which I used after the mop, still picked up dirt

floor dirt

I also cleaned the foam tiles in the girls play room, which traditionally I have washed down and was amazed by the dirt the cleaner removed

hand wipe
floor tile

The Karcher steam cleaner is also relatively quite as it sounds similar to a kettle boiling, which means I can even use it at night when the girls are asleep.  

For a busy family with young children the Karcher steam cleaner really has made light work of cleaning.  Its much easier to use than traditional methods, I also feel it cleans much better.

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  1. i really want one!! been nagging the old man!

  2. Don’t use liquid soap and oils, because they will seal the dirt to the tiles.

    Tile Floor Cleaning

    1. Thank you, would only use the steam but its great advise and good to know

  3. Great review, Leyla! It's an amazing product. I have recommended it to several friends and they have nothing but good things to say about this steam cleaner.

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  5. This is very useful for floor Cleaning , I think it helps to solve some problem related to cleaning and save my time.

  6. Thanks for share.i am agree to EDDIE FOUR.your comment is really true because i face this problem.i think mop is best for cleaning,i like this and use regularly.

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