My eldest wanted to play outside on the trampoline, unfortunately the weather had other ideas and we had a lot of rain.  I explained it was wet so she told me she would wear her wellington boots and a coat.  I thought this was a great idea but perhaps not such a good idea to go out on the trampoline.  I compromised and brought some play sand inside.

Its the first time we have played with sand in the house, and it is everywhere, even upstairs.  The girls had so much fun though.  I don't think my youngest has experienced sand play on this level and she enjoyed it

look sand

There was of course the tasting of the sand

tasting sand

My eldest loved that we buried her feet

buried feet

The girls had a lovely afternoon playing together and exploring the different textures

playing in sandsand

The girls and I had so much fun this afternoon playing with the sand.  My eldest was upset when it was time to tidy it all away.

This day I love Sand

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  1. So cool bringing an indoor beach to the girls! They definitely looked like they had lots of fun!

  2. It looks like they had lots of fun, my girls are exactly the same they love the feel of the sand.

    Thank you for linking to SocialPix

    1. Welcome, I loved the pics so felt had to link up

  3. these are lovely photos both my boths eat the sand at playgroup as well

  4. I love how you brought sand indoors! What a wonderful solution to the recent spring weather we've been having :-) I always congratulate myself for allowing fun to triumph over mess!
    Lucinda (visiting via Country Kids from Coombe Mill)

    1. I think its good for them to make mess and have fun, I believe it helps them to learn

  5. What a great idea - looking at the photos you can tell what a great time they had!

  6. Ah yes, I keep a sand and water table outside for that sort of thing. I wouldn't be able to cope with it being indoors!


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