Review : Barnyard stacking puzzle

For Christmas I bought my girls several wooden toys and puzzles.  One of my eldest daughters favourite puzzle is the barnyard stacking puzzle,  What my eldest loves about this puzzle is that its bigger than she is

big jigsaw

It is 48" tall and has 14 different animals.  My eldest loves to tell me what all the different animals are.  As the drawings are really colourful and clear she can also easily identify the different animal pieces

the animals

The size of the pieces vary with each animal, the horse for example is made up of the biggest pieces.  Even the smallest piece is still plenty big enough for my daughter to put the jigsaw together

finding the pieces

My eldest really loves this puzzle. The box it comes in is even bright and sturdy and is a lovely shape for little ones to pick up.  This is a great jigsaw that suits prechool age children.  My eldest is 2 and she loves it.  The animals are bright and colourful and the pieces are a great size for small hands.

admiring work

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  1. It looks great. Giant puzzles are fantastic; our Austin's favourite is a huge one with several different dinosaurs on it....

  2. I like the idea of this will check it out, I'm now trying to get my toddler into puzzles.

    1. It is a lovely puzzle and the colours are really bright

  3. I wouldn't want to be that horse with everything else balanced like that!


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