Review : Jokers' Masquerade

Ahoy there!

pirate costume

My daughter loves pirates, she is really into them at the moment.  Some of her favourite books are about pirates.  I have found it really difficult to find a pirate costume for girls as most of them are pink and not too like a pirate.  This one from Jokers Masquerade fancy dress outfits is a lovely pirate costume for kids.  It features a hat with elasticated top and a lovely ribbon which hangs down.  The elastic means it should fit on most children.  The skirt has an elasticated waist and flows lovely when my daughter runs around.  The top has Velcro down the back making it easy to get on and off

ahoypirate hat

I love this girls pirate costume, it really suits my daughter.  She loves to play dressing up and loves her pirates costume.  I love that it has a feminine touch to a pirate without being too girly, which is not like the pirates she sees in the books she reads.  This costume matches the pirates she sees in the books and so she loves it. She is always asking to put it on.  I found it really easy to keep clean which is good because it is getting worn  a lot.

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