Review : NYE portraits

Ashley NYE is a talented artist whom turns photos into lovely bespoke pieces of art.   I sent her this photo of the girls


This picture is one of the first moments of the girls playing together.  My youngest is around two weeks old and my eldest just laid next to her watching her and showing her her toys.  There is such love in my eldest eyes that it is a moment I never want to forget.

Ashley has taken the photo and turned it into a stunning piece of artwork

She has captured the moment beautifully and kept the love in my daughters eyes.  The beautiful smiles and looks of happiness on the girls faces.  It is a beautiful original piece of artwork that I am going to treasure forever and one which I am incredibly proud to own.

NYE portraits has a range of prints to purchase or why not create your own bespoke piece of artwork.  They make wonderful gifts and are a great way to treasure precious moments

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