Project 365 : Week 19

This week started amazing.  The weather was beautiful, it was Star Wars day and my daughter turned 1 year old.  Sunday was spent decorating and getting the house ready for her birthday party and of course baking her cake, which took me most of the day

birthday cake

Monday - I don't think we could have asked for better weather for her party.  The sun shone and we spent the day out doors.  We were surrounded by good friends and family, and although some were unable to make it we still had an amazing day.  We had hired a bouncy castle and it was just lovely watching all the children play.


Tuesday - My week started to go a little crazy from here.  First my phone broke, a long story but basically if your phone goes in the toilet it no longer functions correctly and a new one needs to be acquired.  I had a very busy day at work, picked the girls up from nursery and dropped them straight off from with my Mum as I had physio.  I managed to only see the girls for a brief 5 minutes before they went to sleep.  This is also the reason why there is no blog post for Tuesday.  

having fun

Wednesday -  Saw another very busy day at work.  I finally called it a day at 3am, although I have still a lot to do.  I decided to treat the girls and myself on the way home from work and called in to pick up a doughnut.  The girls really loved it and it was nice to spend a few hours with them before bed.

eating doughnut

Thursday - After a 3 am finish, I had a 6 am wake up call from my eldest.  This seems to be happening most days this week.  My youngest is unsettled at night too at the moment so sleep is not happening.  When my youngest did finally nod off I had to let her have an extra half hour, which made us a little late for nursery but she needed it.


Friday - I was so glad to see Friday.  Another very busy and long day at work.  I had missed the girls so much this week that I was just looking forward to the weekend so I could spend time with them.  After switching off from work, I had 10 minutes to get ready as My husband and I had a night out together.  The girls spent the night at their Grandma and Grandads, which they loved.  My husband and I spent our night watching Eddie Izzard.  I am a huge Eddie Izzard fan and he was utterly amazing, but then I knew he always would be.  I really needed the laughter to end a very stressful and busy working week.  I laughed so hard I was in tears and my sides hurt.  I cannot wait for the DVD in November.

Eddie Izzard

Saturday - The girls and I, along with Grandma, attended a Mile in Memory.  I was amazed by the amount of support for a truly worthwhile charity, The lullaby trust.  We walked and at the end of the walk blew bubbles.  

a mile in memory

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  1. what a wonderful cake you made - so pretty! i like the bouncy castle shot - they are always such fun for parties aren't they? glad you enjoyed a night out seeing My Izzard i can imagine that was a fun night, and well done for walking your mile for a special little girl x

  2. It sounds like you've had a very busy week! I'm an Eddie Izzard fan too & can imagine it was a blast. Your cake looks fantastic & pleased to hear you got some decent weather for 1st birthday celebrations.

  3. Fab ladybird cake and I'm glad the weather was kind for the party! I hope your little one settles soon and you can both get some more sleep.

  4. some amazing pictures Leyla, the cake looked amazing! gutted for you about your phone! :-( xx

  5. Great cake - hope you've recovered from the party. Being without a phone must have been a mare - can't bear to be parted from mine.

  6. What a beautiful cake! Looks like a fun week :)

  7. That cake is fantastic! My youngest has been getting his molars, so all last week I was up at 4 am for awhile before he'd go back to sleep...hopefully you will get more sleep this week!

  8. Fantastic cake, you're very clever.

  9. Well done, that's a fab cake, glad you had good weather too.

  10. That cake is quite magnificent, love the ladybirds. So glad you had good weather for her party.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365


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