2 by 2

I am looking for some chairs for the girls to sit on in the garden.  I had seen a few from Asda so decided that today I would let the girls test them out

comfy chairmoon chair

testing chairs

The first chair was a moon chair and it looked great, if I am honest this is what I wanted.  My youngest sat in it and laid back, she looked ever so comfy, but then she could not get out of it.  The next was really padded and again she looked comfy but when she climbed on it, it tipped over.  My eldest is taken by things with cup holders built in.  She therefore preferred the chair with the cup holder.  I am still very undecided as I also saw a set of chairs with a small table, too many decisions to make.

Shopping for chairs is obviously very thirsty work


My youngest had to have two drinks.  

Whilst we were out my husband built some shelving units for the garage.  We bought them over a year ago when we moved into the house but have not had the time to put them together.  My husband, myself and my Dad checked the shelf units and checked again.  We all confirmed they had sent the wrong pieces.  This meant we had to do some cutting, I saw we I mean my Mum and Dad.

Whilst waiting my youngest kept herself entertained in the garden, with two watering cans, and two windmills.

windmillswatering plants

Thankfully our measurements were correct and we could finish building our shelves, which I might say look fantastic!  Fingers crossed we might be able to start unpacking those boxes soon.

This day I love 2 by 2.

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