Project 365 : week 23

Granddad and me


It was my nephews birthday so we went to my in laws to start the celebrations.  My youngest climbed onto a chair next to her Granddad and sat there very comfy.  I love that I captured the moment between them, its one of my favourite photos.



My youngest went on a mini adventure as she wanted to go on the swings.  I love she knew what she wanted and went to find it.

planting seeds


We continued working on the garden.   I gave my girls their own tub to plant seeds in.  They loved digging in the dirt and planting the seeds.  I cannot wait to see the flowers grow.



We tried out mini meatballs in our hungry to happy challenge.  Our dog absolutely loved them too!

look out


After a long day at work I could not wait to pick up the girls from nursery.  We spent the evening before bed playing in the garden.  My eldest wanted to keep watch and kept a look out for her sister.



I put the bubble machine on for the girls to play with but they wanted to play on the swings.  The dog however could not resist the bubbles.  The girls loved watching him chase them.

watering plants


My Mum and Dad cut some shelves to size whilst I waited in the garden with my youngest.  She had lots of fun watering all the plants, though I am not sure why she needed two watering cans.

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