buttery dream views

It is very rare that on a weekend we have no prior engagements.  Today was such a day which left me with three choices:

The first was to tidy the garage.  Now we have the shelves up I could finally unpack some boxes.  The only thing was that I did not want the girls wandering in the garage.  I decided to save this for another day.

The second option was to continue the BIG project.  I am really eager to finish the project and am almost there.  I need to finish repair works and then paint.  This option did not happen because my husband wanted to cut the grass and the last thing I wanted was freshly cut grass sticking onto nicely done paint.  I also thought it might be a disaster waiting to happen if I got out the nails to repair the roof with two small children round me.

The third option was to go on a nice long walk to continue my training for the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge, you can sponsor me here,  The weather this morning looked very overcast as if it might rain, so I decided to wait until after lunch.

After lunch the weather looked much warmer so the girls, my Mum and I headed out on a training walk.  We went to a local country park.  We came across a field full of buttercups and we had to stop and see if we all liked butter.

butter test

My youngest had fallen asleep which gave my eldest chance to explore all the buttercups


She loved running through all the fields and exploring all the flowers and wildlife.  I loved the views and could have spent all day sat on the hill looking out


We continued exploring and found a wooden sculpture hidden in the woods. 


We came across a pond with a wooden bridge and my eldest and I sat and looked for frog-spawn


Until Jasper jumped in


We continued walking and my eldest wanted to stop to watch the ducks and ducklings on the lake


My youngest woke up and was a little hungry so the girls enjoyed some snack in the pushchair whilst we continued walking.

snack time

After a snack my eldest wanted to run through the grass again.


At the end of our walk was a lovely playground which both girls had chance to explore and play.  

rope ladderslide

The girls had a lovely day exploring and playing with Grandma.  I felt I chose a good option from the three I had as I really am wanting to get in as much training as possible for the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge.  I love that the girls can come with me on the walks.

This day I love buttery dream views

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  1. What a perfect sounding day and fantastic location! xx

  2. Gorgeous photos. Looks like you all had a lovely day out :)

  3. Definitely the best of the 3 options! What a gorgeous day it looks like. Great photos. x

  4. I find there's something so special when I go on a beautiful long walk with my kids. Your post reminded me how special they are. Thank you.

  5. Love #MagicMoments

  6. What wonderful photos and beautiful scenery. Looks like the perfect afternoon walk to me. Thank you for linking to Magic Moments xx


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