looking after the birds

i love that my daughters have a keen interest in outside from such a young age.  They are both always wanting to go outside and both showing an interest in looking after wildlife.  After work today we took the opportunity to first check on our seeds we planted a few days ago

checking on plants

My eldest was pleased to see a few green shoots, I think she will understand more when she sees the flowers.

After watering our flowers we gave the birds some water too.


Before giving them some more food

filling with seedsbird feeder

My eldest loves watching for the birds and told us that we had to go back inside and be quiet so we could watch them and not scare them away.

over the bridge

We went back inside and I started to cook the girls their dinner.  My eldest said she wanted to help and to make us some ice cream

making ice cream

I am not sure why she needed to wear a bib or fill it with pegs to make an ice cream but I do love her imagination.  We did have some ice cream after dinner which my youngest thought was yummy


This day I love looking after the birds

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  1. Aww cute! My daughter loves birds too.

  2. Aww does she look after you? She seems so loving and nurturing. Hope something grows quickly.

  3. It's great to teach our children to appreciate and take care of nature. Maybe your daughter will be an ornithologist when she's older! Let's hope the seeds do well, I'm sure both of them will enjoy caring for them. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures with Country Kids.

    1. Both girls love outside and my eldest is showing a very keen interest in nature

  4. It's great getting children interested in the garden and looking for the birds!

  5. So great when kids are interested in the outdoors, we're having great fun watering all our veggie's and flowers and hoping we have some visitors for our Insect Hotel #CountryKids

  6. So lovely to see your daughter so interesting in the plants - that's great! Good luck with them all :) #CountryKids

  7. what a lovely interest to have and so easy to accomplish.

    1. It is lovely I love they have an interest in nature

  8. What a lovely post - we love watching the birds here, although not the pesky pigeons that we shoo away ;-)

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice x


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