Review : Britax BOB revolution SE Dual

I am ever so lucky to have been given a Britax BOB to review.  As regular readers will know I am undertaking the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge in July.  As I work full time my weekends are very precious and I want to spend as much time with the girls as I can.  To have the Britax BOB means I will be able to continue my training and take the girls with me.

There are three BOB strollers, the Iron Man, more for running, the sport Utility, this has a fixed front wheel and is perfect for handling really rough terrain and the Revolution SE and CE, this has a lockable swivel front wheel and is perfect for everyday use.  I have the Revolution SE dual, meaning both girls can come with me. I have not tried the other models but have seen them and they look fantastic.

The Britax BOB is very easy to fold, with two simple folds it does fold relatively small for such a large double stroller.  I drive a Ford CMAX and I take the wheels off to give me more space and as you can see there is still room in the boot.  

folded BOB

The wheels are very easy to get on and off.  The frame is also light weight so I can lift it and get it in the boot myself.  There are some wonderful features on the BOB, one of which is that I can see my girls even when the hood is down thanks to a little flap which lifts up on the top of the hood.  

hood window

I love that I am able to see them without having to keep stopping.  It is great when wanting to get a pace going when walking.  

The snack tray is a must have.  My youngest can easily reach her drink and when out on a long walk its great for the girls to not only have drink available but also to have something to eat in comfort.  

snack traydrink

I am looking into purchasing the Handlebar console and the all weather shield, as additional accessories.

Another big plus for me are the hoods themselves.  They are a two part hood, which means you can fold out like a standard hood or you can fold out even further to give additional protection.  This helps to protect against not only weather elements, its keeps the wind off little ones faces but it also protects against nature.  So when walking through thick undergrowth when that branch sweeps across or that long nettle it is kept away from little ones.  I love that it helps when my girls fall asleep as it keeps them more shaded.  They seem to sleep better. 

covered upsleep

The seats look very comfortable and can easily be reclined.  Although the stroller itself is suitable from 6 months, you can purchase adaptors to attach a Britax Baby-safe car seat and a BOB carry cot making it suitable from birth.  The five point harness also keeps my girls safe and secure.  I love the shape of the seats, they are unlike any stroller I have seen before  My youngest finds the positioning of the legs incredibly comfortable and both girls often fall asleep in the BOB, I think due to the ultra padded seats and comfy ride.

eldest napyoungest

There is so much storage on the BOB that I do not need to take a bag with me when we go out.  This is great when doing training walks, as it is one less thing to carry.  The BOB has a large shopping basket underneath the two seats.  There are also seat pockets behind each seat, which provide ample room for things like nappies, wipes and food.  There are also internal seat storage pockets, which my eldest loves to put toys in and I find useful for storing another dummy for my youngest.

The handlebar is padded which makes pushing really comfortable.  I find it is a great height for me and can easily push one handed.  The turning circle is amazing and turns a tighter circle than most single seater strollers I have tried.  Due to the adjustable suspension and polymer composite wheels no matter what the terrain Britax BOB handles incredibly well.  I am so surprised at how easy it is to push over different terrains.

turned roundover bridge

through grassin wood

The brake is a solid bar across the back which is easy to put one with one simple push of the foot.  It holds really well too, as I discovered today when I applied at the top of a hill.  It did not budge even a millimetre. 

I am very impressed with the BOB as are the girls.  I love that they are able to come with me anywhere I go, and be part of my training for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge  

off we golooking out


I have been provided with a Britax BOB Revolution SE Dual for the purpose of a review.  All words are my own opinions.

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  1. Thank you. I work full time too and want to spend time with my child at the weekend but equally need to get my fitness kick! Having read your review and the review for the single SE on I am going to go out and get one!!! Kirsty


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