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The short list has been announced for the lovedbyparents awards 2013.  If you have not seen already you can take a look here.  There are some great companies on the list including Cuddledry who are short listed in 3 categories, GLTC who are short listed in 4 categories, Yoomi [my Britmums Sponsor] are short listed in 3 categories, Aquaint, Waterwipes, Jackson Reece and 23 snaps, to name just a few. It really is going to be a tough choice to vote.  Once you have made your choice you can cast your vote here.

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I will be casting a vote for Yoomi, my Britmums live sponsors.  They are up against some strong competition in the 3 categories they are short listed in which are

Best Innovative Feeding Product / Yoomi Feeding System

Best Product for Bottle Feeding / Yoomi Feeding System

Best Travel Invention / Yoomi Feeding System

Let's show Yoomi and some of the other finalist some support and vote for them in the lovedbyparents awards 2013. 


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  1. We have used these diapers since our baby was a Newborn. With 4 little nieces, we knew which brand we wanted and which type. In the family's "mom's circle" it was just well known to go with honest diapers. During our baby shower, one of the gift baskets had a pack of expensive diapers and sure enough, we had 2 blow-outs/leak-throughs in the short amount of time we used them.


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