the squirrel Vs the Pigeon

My girls love outside.  If they cant go outside then they love to watch outside.  My eldest in particular loves watching the birds in the garden.  The big Oak tree comes right past her window and we have such a good view into the tree to watch the birds and wildlife its amazing.  I imagine its similar to having a tree house, only warmer. 

We had spent some of the evening watching the birds outside.  Whilst getting my youngest ready for bed I noticed my eldest wander past the door carrying her step.  In my curious I wonder what she is up to mode I followed her into her room.  She carefully placed the step by the window and proceeded to attempt to climb up onto the windowsill.  She put her foot onto the radiator and tried to pull herself up.  She the turned looked at me and said 'Radiator not big enough Mummy' Which I think means she was not quite high enough to get up.  

trying to see outside using a step and radiator

I can see I am going to be having a lot of fun watching what she gets up to from now on.  Luckily the girls are never upstairs unattended and the windows are locked.  I did explain it was dangerous and she must wait for Mummy or Daddy to look out the window.  We did then have a look outside.  Where we saw a squirrel and a pigeon on the roof of the play house.  [Please excuse the poor quality photo, zoom on phone and light shinning in has made it go a bit weird and I cannot work out how to edit it to make it better]

They proceeded to do a bit of strange dancing round each other, I would guess in a back off the foods mine kind of way.  In the end one of them got fed up and went away, Can you guess which?

This day I love the squirrel vs the Pigeon

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  1. Ha! I love the photo of her trying to either climb or look outside the window!


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