Review : Convair Eco

The Conviar Eco air purifier is very easy to install.  Simply plug in and switch on.  There are no extra bits to add or install.  The unit is very light weight and sits 33cm tall.  I like the clear mirror effect on the front of the unit.  It adds to the sleek and stylish look.  The air purifier unit is therefore very portable and can be used in a selection of rooms around the house.


When switched on the air purifier unit gives a hum noise as it cleans, purifies and ionisers the air.  It is a quiet and portable air purifier unit.  The Convair Eco uses its HEPA filter to remove 99.97% of pollutants [smoke, dust, pollen, mites, smells] from the atmosphere.  The unit helps to create a healthy and comfortable environment by generating negative ions which are beneficial to  health.  Unlike an air conditioning /air con unit the air purifier helps to clean the air striping the air of toxins.

I have looked at an air purifier for some time.  Wanting one that was sleek and portable so I could not only use it round the house but also take it with me if we went away.  As I suffer badly with hay fever and have tried most medications on the market with no benefit I felt an air purifier maybe of some help.  Since using the Convair Eco my symptoms inside the house have been reduced, which is great.  We have also noticed that my daughters Eczema seems to be more under control, although I do not know for certain that this is the air purifier.  The unit was a little larger than I was expecting but the unit is not big, it is a nice compact size and can easily be transported between rooms.  I am very pleased with the Convair Eco and think it is a great compact air purifier unit.

I was lucky enough to be provided with a Convair Eco unit to review, all opinions are my own.  Should you wish to purchase a Convair Eco Air purifier, Appliances direct are offering £25 off with the code 25PURE making the unit amazing value at £24.97

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  1. And where could I find a replacement hepa filter for it when I need it?

    1. It seems they are unobtainable. I have asked the same question, without response. In other words, when the filter is clogged you must throw the machine away and buy a new one. That makes it VERY bad value.

    2. Apart from it's colour, the Convair ECO looks identical to the Dimplex VIRO3 (DXAPV3). A good chance that the VIRO3 filters, available from the Dimplex website, will also fit the Convair.


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