Project 365 : week 24

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enjoying the freedom and fresh air


I began some serious training for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge I am doing in July.  [I would really love you to sponsor me using the Just giving button in the top corner of my blog].  My eldest just loved the freedom of running around in the grass and generally enjoying herself.  It was such a beautiful walk.

eldest refilling the bird feeders


After work the girls and I spent some time in the garden feeding the birds and making sure they had plenty to drink.  My girls love watching the birds and are always asking to go and fill the feeders.

youngest eating 2 ice creams


If your older sister is too slow and is daft enough to come near you with her ice cream, then the younger sister will take it and eat both ice creams.

youngest reading books


My youngest is really into books at the moment and I can often find her either sitting reading to herself or she fetches a book to you and sits on your knee for you to read it to her.  I really love that she has an interest in books.  

rainy day at Cosatto HQ


The rain returned and after a rainy journey down the M62 I arrived at Cosatto HQ for a sneak peak at their #patterntastic autumn winter collection.  I shall be sharing this soon.  This was an amazing day full of cake and giggles!

my eldest and the cat


We seem to have a follower at my girls nursery.  Every time I park the car this cat appears and follows us to nursery.  My eldest really loves it and asks for the cat every morning and when I pick her up too.

finally youngest sleeping


After a lot of unsettled and sleepless nights, I managed to get my youngest to sleep with only an hour of crying, normally its at least 2.  So far [touch wood] she is still asleep.  I am hoping it lasts as she is exhausted and really needs some good sleep.

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  1. awwwh Love it I hope Eldest wasn't to upset about her ice cream

    1. No she had eaten all the smarties off the top so she wasnt too bothered

  2. ha ha i love the double ice cream photo - my youngest loves ice cream whereas his big brother does not
    someone looks hard at work filling the bird feeder with seeds, the sleeping one is so cute (love seeing sleeping shots) and you must be very fit to take on that running challenge x x

    1. Training for the walking challenge I am hoping I make it

  3. Love the ice cream photo!
    Adore the sleeping shot- such precious memories.
    Hope the training goes well. x

  4. Love that messy icecream pic. Good luck with your training for the 3 peaks.

  5. Blue skies, bird feeders and ice cream. Isn't it great to have summer back?
    Your babies look like they had a great week. Gorgeous!

  6. Two icecreams??? My kinda girl!!

    1. She always has to have something in both hands when she eats

  7. Good luck with the training! The ice cream photo made me laugh, you have to be quick in my house too - especially with six of them!

  8. Yikes really shld start my training!!! Lovely pics, hope she slept for you x

  9. Gorgeous photos, the one with the ice creams made me laugh

  10. fab pictures honey i love that older sister was too slow and lost her icecream to younger sister ... where there tears? xx

    1. No tears, she had eaten the chocolate off the top so she wasnt too bothered

  11. Great that the little one is interested in books. Our grandson has just started taking an interest in them too.

  12. That ice-cream photo is marvellous. Absolutely love it.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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