Jingle good fun

Our final #lovecravendale activity saw me take the girls to a Jo Jingles class.  My girls love music and I thought this would be a perfect activity for them to both try.  Our teacher was very polite and friendly and made us all feel welcome.

In any new situation my eldest always goes shy.  It took her around 20 minutes to come around but once she did she loved it.  There was singing and lots of actions to the songs which the girls loved dancing to.  My eldest loved the paper aeroplanes and chased them around the room to the music.  Both girls really enjoyed story time and learning about the vehicles and the sounds they make.  My youngest took a particularly liking to Jo, the mascot, and kept running over and picking him up to give him a big cuddle.  

The class lasted 45minutes and so much was packed into it.  I loved watching the girls play and move with the music as well as having a lot of fun whilst they learnt.  It was a really great class.

As we drink Cravendale milk I have been looking out for the #lovecravendale tokens so we can start saving up for another activity.  Our first arrived today!  I cannot wait for our next experience.

cravendale milk

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