monkeying around before bed time

My latest trick in trying to get the girls to go to sleep is to play with them outside in the fresh air.  By play I mean run around play.  I am attempting to tire them out, even though they have had a full day at nursery they still come home with lots of energy.

youngest on the swing

The warm weather today meant we could get outside.  First the girls wanted to go on the swings but they soon got distracted and decided instead to try other things to play with.  My eldest is in a climbing phase and decided to climb up the tyre swing.  Whilst she liked it for a few seconds she soon asked for help to get down.
eldest on tyre swing

The girls ran around and I chased them.  We sang ring o roses on the trampoline and we all love to fall down and bounce on the trampoline.  Then finally the girls wanted to climb their tree house and explore.

the girls on lookoutexploring

You would think with all that they would be tired but no the two little monkeys still wanted to play.  I had better try harder tomorrow.

cheeky chops

This day I love monkeying around before bed

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  1. If I had half the energy my kids do I'd be a size 2!!!
    You have gorgeous girls!!

  2. Oh bless them! Fresh air before bed is just great isn't it? Here's to hoping a lie in follows ;)

  3. All the fresh air in the world doesn't seem to make my boys want to go to bed on these light evenings, however once they're there they do really sleep well and sleep late in the mornings so I try and make the most of the lie ins!! It looks like your lovely girls had loads of fun.

  4. You have gorgeous girls hun, I know what you mean about having lots of energy after nursery!

    I am a new blogger and linking up from The Magic Moments Link Up

  5. The best snoozies are products of fresh air and play time! Lovely pictures.

  6. awww Layla i love this post what a really lovely time, with added benefits of tiring out!

    Thank you for linking up with #MagicMoments


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