Review : vital baby trap a snack

The Vital Baby Trap a Snack makes it easy to carry snacks whilst out and about.  The lid is made of slatted plastic which is incredibly soft and makes it easy for little hands to get snacks out without the snacks spilling all over your handbag.  

I use the Trap a snack when I take the girls swimming.  I can fill with the girls favourite snacks, be it dried fruit, cheese or rice crisps and I know that the snack will stay in the tub.  This removes those half opened packets in my bag that spill everywhere and generally means less mess.

The girls were a little reluctant to use the trap snap at first, I think unsure what they were putting their hand into.  Once I should them what to do and that food comes out they were more than happy to use.  My youngest loves the easy to carry soft handle on the side.  She can carry her snack around and I am not worried about her tipping it up and making a mess.

vital baby trap a snack

The Vital Baby Trap a snack is perfect for on the go feeding.  For taking snacks with you and not having to worry about the mess or half opened packets.

We were provided with a Vital Baby Trap a snack for review.  All words are my honest opinion of the product. 

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  1. Very clever product! I like products have allow kids to help themselves, she are always proud to do things themselves. Just viewed site they have lots of goodies, the brand is new to me.


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