Project 365 : Week 29

First I must apologies that my 365 is late.  A weekend of blogging conference and Illness meant I am only just able to sit up and type.


eldest and mummy on training walk

Just over two weeks left [well one really its on Sunday] and then the big challenge will be here.  I will be walking the Yorkshire 3 peaks to raise money for Alzheimer's society.  I just want to say thank you to all those that have sponsored me so far via my Just giving badge [badge on blog] and helped me to raise over £200.  I will be aiming to tweet during the walk and you can follow me and Lisa [Hollybobbs] with #blogY3P.  A training walk with my daughter in the sunshine was a really lovely way to spend a Sunday.


youngest sweeping leaves

The girls and I spent some time cleaning up leaves in the garden and doing some general tidying up.  With the lovely weather its great to get outside and enjoy some time in the garden before bed.


eldest in play tunnel

More lovely summer play, my eldest loves her play tents which give great shade on hot days. 


the finished play house

I am so pleased with how the play house has turned out.  It has taken a while to complete due to the repair work that was needed but it has been well worth it.  Thanks to Farrow and Ball for the paint, I hope that the play house will last the girls for years to come


cow bob bob cow

My daughter wanted to visit the farm after nursery.  This is one of my favourite pictures of the day as the cow shows a particular interest in BOB.


beautiful smiles

We visited a shopping centre after work as I needed some last minute supplies for the Yorkshire 3 peaks walk.  My eldest wanted a go on the fire engine ride.  I just love how happy she is



Ok so Saturday did not go according to plan.  My daughter decided to dive in from the side of the swimming pool into my face.  Which resulted in blood loss and a swollen nose, plus a lovely cut [quite deep I might add] across the bridge of my nose.  My daughter is unharmed, unhurt, unmarked and alright.  Which to me is the most important thing.  I however have a headache [still its now Monday] and my face/nose is killing me.  As a result of this I was late to pick up Hollybobbs, which made us late for the pre #blogonmosi dinner [sorry again Laura].  This picture is therefore of the gin Lisa and I had in our hotel room before blog on to wind down from a rather hectic day.

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  1. Hurray for gin!! Love the pic of the playhouse across the bridge, it looks stunning x


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